About Bertram Wireless

Who is Bertram Wireless?

Bertram Wireless is an internet service provider based in Random Lake, Wisconsin. We are dedicated to providing fast, reliable, state of the art internet with local, friendly service.

How does Bertram Wireless work?

Here at Bertram Wireless, we use Cambium Networks Point to Multipoint technology on our state of the art network to deliver a broadband connection to your home. In non-technical speak, this means that we install an antenna onto your property (most of the time it is installed on the peak of the roof) that connects up to a tower in your area to bring you fast, reliable internet that will allow you to stream movies, game, and browse the web like never before! Since our technology is wireless, we are able to reach where others cannot. Unlike satellite based systems, your internet connection is unaffected by weather.

Why Bertram Wireless?

Bertram Wireless is committed to a fast, reliable internet connection up to 25 Mbps. Unlike other internet providers, we have a 100% Wisconsin based tech support staff who are committed to serving our growing customer base throughout our state. Bertram Wireless is committed to bringing all Wisconsinites internet FREEDOM by providing a fast and reliable internet connection where others do not.

Where did Bertram Wireless Start?

Bertram Wireless was founded in 2005 in Random Lake, Wisconsin to provide high speed internet to people in rural areas. Our network started out with just a few towers servicing rural Sheboygan and Washington Counties.  Now our network reaches from Oconomowoc in the south to Antigo in the north.  Today, we are focused on building and maintaining a high speed network that complements your daily life.        


Let Bertram Wireless Bring You the World!