Summer News Letter

Summer is flying by, and we have been busy with continued upgrades to our network.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Freedom 450 Tower Upgrades

We are continuing to roll out our Freedom 450 High Speed Service and are pleased to announce we can now offer this new service on the following additional towers:

Freedom, DL Electric and New Franken.

Click on the Services tab on our website and enter your county for Freedom 450 availability in your area, or call one of our friendly sales staff at (920) 351-1023. We have more Tower Upgrades on the way so please stay tuned!

Introducing Bertram Freedom 450! When we rolled out our first network a decade ago, we made our name servicing the outlying rural areas that other providers ignored. We set the standard for wireless internet at an affordable price and without data caps. Over the last 7 years, our customers have gone from using the internet as a fun way to check their email, the news and weather on their desktop, to owning numerous laptops and tablets, smart phones and smart TV’s. With this came a demand for faster speeds and with that we are announcing Bertram Wireless Freedom 450!